Reading Adventures Beyond the Pages

At Little Bogan Books, we're on a mission to make reading a magical adventure for your little ones. But what if we told you that the magic doesn't have to stop when the book is closed? That's right – it's time to embark on "Reading Adventures Beyond the Pages" with arts and crafts inspired by your favorite stories. In this blog post, we're going to explore the creative fusion of reading and art and show you how it can ignite your child's imagination.

The Magic of Merging Reading and Arts & Crafts

Storytime has always been a cherished tradition for families around the world. But why not take it a step further? By adding a touch of arts and crafts to your reading routine, you open up a world of benefits for your child:

  • Enhanced Comprehension: Crafting activities inspired by a book can reinforce the story's themes, characters, and settings, helping children better understand and remember the tale.
  • Unleashing Creativity: Arts and crafts encourage self-expression and imagination. Children can express their own ideas and interpretations of a story through their creations.
  • Hands-On Learning: Crafting is a form of kinesthetic learning, making it an engaging way for children to absorb new information and develop fine motor skills.
  • Bonding Moments: Reading a book together and engaging in a related craft strengthens the parent-child bond and creates lasting memories.
  • Stimulating Enthusiasm: The excitement of creating something inspired by a beloved story motivates children to read more and explore their favorite books further.

Art + "My Beads and Me"

One of our most cherished titles, "My Beads and Me," celebrates the joy of Mya, her love for her beads and her wonderous imagination! To extend the adventure beyond the pages, we've collaborated with artist, teacher, and YouTube creator, Mrs. Haynes, to create a directed drawing video inspired by Mya. By following the video, your young readers can tap into their artistic sides and bring Mya's world to life.

Check it out here:

How to Create Your Mya-Inspired Artwork:

  • Gather Your Materials: You'll need paper, coloring pencils, and access to our "My Beads and Me" directed drawing video.
  • Watch the Video: Sit down with your child and watch the directed drawing video together. Encourage them to pay attention to the details and take their time.
  • Draw and Color: Pause the video at each step and follow the instructions to draw Mya and her beautiful bead creations. Let your child's creativity flow by adding their unique details and colors.
  • Share and Reflect: Once the drawing is complete, ask your child to talk about their artwork. What do they like about it? 

Crafting and Recipes Inspired by Books

Beyond the directed drawing, you can explore a world of crafting and culinary adventures inspired by your favorite scenes in the book. For example, after reading "My Beads and Me," you can create your very own version of the colorful, topsy turvy cake Mya bakes. The possibilities are as boundless as your child's imagination.

Benefits Beyond Measure

"Reading Adventures Beyond the Pages" isn't just about having fun. It's about fostering a lifelong love for reading, creativity, and exploration. By merging reading with arts and crafts, you're nurturing a well-rounded, imaginative, and curious child. So, the next time you finish a book, don't close the story – open up a world of crafting and culinary adventures, and watch the magic unfold!

Let us know how your reading adventures beyond the pages turn out by sharing your creations with us on social media @littleboganbooks. We can't wait to see your little artists and chefs in action!